Laura's Story

I started my career in 1987 over 30 years ago in my father’s Bridal and Millinery business. My passion for fashion led me to design and create a bridal and millinery range including accessories that were sold all over the UK to some of the largest well known, high street stores.

Due to tragic circumstances my career changed paths, but I never lost my drive in being creative.  

I decided to return to my love of design and fabrication to launch my own British brand. 'Laura Jeff London’ that presents an individual collection of Handbags, clutch bags, makeup bags and wash bags and more designed by myself and with some innovative and creative help from my children Jade, Sadie and Bonnie.

My concept is to deliver a contemporary range of handmade bags also offering a bespoke touch to  some designs, for everybody and for everyday use, or just that special gift to someone. 


Laura Jeff's mission:

Design and create affordable bags to bring enjoyment and fulfilment to every customer.